Friday, January 16, 2009

The tube

Wow...on January 14, 2009; while I was flipping channels on my TV (local stations with ABC, CBS, and NBC), literally every single commercial break was filled with at least one pharmaceutical direct-to-consumer advertisement...Crestor, Viagra, Humira (for rhematoid arthritis), Boniva, and others.

I admit, I don't watch TV every day so I may not have noticed the trend; I know at least 5 years ago that's when it began...but every single commercial break??!

All I can say is..."wow".

Like my observation that health insurance is starting to pinch pennies mercilessly over the past year; I'm beginning to wonder if the pharmaceutical industries are doing their last "hail Mary" before their Golden Age is overwhen Obama takes office...if and when that happens.

Of course, I just giggle at the absurdity of these commericials - 90% of the time devoted to it is talking in quick talk about all the potential side effects these medications have - like if someone was really listening in, they would really want to get sick from all of these medications! Literally, who are the marketing geniuses for these companies?!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Recommended viewing

I have included a link to a recently made video that wonderfully and explicitly details the issues surrounding the American health care system today. The ideas presented obviously coincide with my sentiments and my views and hopefully, more and more get to learn and hopefully assist in a political change to make single payer health care a reality.