Friday, January 16, 2009

The tube

Wow...on January 14, 2009; while I was flipping channels on my TV (local stations with ABC, CBS, and NBC), literally every single commercial break was filled with at least one pharmaceutical direct-to-consumer advertisement...Crestor, Viagra, Humira (for rhematoid arthritis), Boniva, and others.

I admit, I don't watch TV every day so I may not have noticed the trend; I know at least 5 years ago that's when it began...but every single commercial break??!

All I can say is..."wow".

Like my observation that health insurance is starting to pinch pennies mercilessly over the past year; I'm beginning to wonder if the pharmaceutical industries are doing their last "hail Mary" before their Golden Age is overwhen Obama takes office...if and when that happens.

Of course, I just giggle at the absurdity of these commericials - 90% of the time devoted to it is talking in quick talk about all the potential side effects these medications have - like if someone was really listening in, they would really want to get sick from all of these medications! Literally, who are the marketing geniuses for these companies?!

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Michael Shihjay Chen said...

Yes, it is a legal requirement for them to talk about side effects on the advertisements. I'm just pretty much against this whole direct-to-consumer advertising; a large portion of the drug companies' expenditures goes towards marketing unfortunately; I'd rather see them use the money wisely on research and safety testing.